A Guide to Cleansing Crystals

As you know I am a big fan of using crystals to improve the energy in your home and obviously make it look pretty. I have spoken before about what certain crystals mean and how they can be used around your home on my instagram feed here

Over time crystals attract negative energy and it is important you cleanse them either when you set a new intention or every 30 days or so. I like to do mine on the full moon, as this is when I assess my goals and realign them.

There are lots of ways to cleanse your crystals, some more simple than others. I personally like to cleanse mine a few ways depending on the stone, what mood I am in and how much time I have.

I always dust them off first and then, using a smudging stick, I lightly brush the smoke over the top and around them using a feather as shown in the video below. I wouldn't advise smudging if you are pregnant or have respiratory problems. I would also advise opening a door or window for two reasons: one so you don't set your fire alarms off and two there is somewhere for the negative energy to be released.

Start by lighting your sage stick with your favourite candle and place it in a heatproof container, you can use an Abalone shell which is most popular or any other shell you might have to hand as long as it is big enough, a Palo Santo dish or once agin any other dish that is heatproof. I like to put a little sand in mine so it is easier to put the smudging stick out when I have finished, without ruining it for next time.

Move the smoke towards you to cleanse your heart to set the intention of cleansing your crystals. Picking up your crystals one at a time using the feather to lightly brush the smoke across your crystals. Have your thought pattern in place and to yourself or out loud express how you want the crystal to aid you and work with you. It is a very simple process if you want your crystal to help you heal your heart hold your rose quartz and keep that intention in your mind and heart.

You can just place them on your charging plate for 4 hours or so as that will also cleanse them. However I love smudging so any opportunity for me to do so I will. Here is the link to my blog post on smudging rituals and how you can cleanse the air in your home.

When cleansing my crystals I tend to concentrate on specific areas of my life that the crystal is known to support; for example I focus on my relationships and love life while cleansing my rose quartz, I ask for strength and to purify my energy while cleaning my amethyst and so one.

You can also place your charging plate outside or on your window ledge depending on the stone under a full moon over night and they will be fully cleansed by the morning.

You can also cleanse them in sunlight as well as moon light for 10 - 12 hours. However don’t put the vibrant stones such as amethyst in sunlight as these will fade or soft stones like selenite, kyanite and halite as they don’t like inclement weather.

Passing the crystal through your favourite candle light for a couple of seconds is also a lovely way to cleanse them and focus on your intentions while you do so.

You can bury them in earth for a few days to release all the negative energy into the ground.

Sound is also a nice way to cleanse your crystals; it breaks up the negative energy with the sound frequency. You can take them to a gong bath or download the sound of some Tibetan singing bowls or the OM mantra chants.

Run them through water for one minute each - natural water is better such as a stream or

rain, you can run them under your bath tap if you are preparing for some self care time.

Water can only be used for hard stones though such as quartz, but I wouldn’t advise it for brittle or soft stones, like Selenite and halite. I have listed below which crystals don’t like certain environments and there is also a chart which explains the Mohs scale which determines how hard a stone is and the likeness of it scratching. Crystals that don’t like water so much are generally a 5 or below on the Mohs scale.

Crystals that don’t need cleansing







Crystals that don't like sunlight (best not to leave them outside for long periods of time, 5 minutes or so should be fine)








Rose Quartz


Smokey Quartz

There are lots of ways to cleanse your crystals, you just have to find the one you are most comfortable with; that allows you to reset your intentions while you do so. Please do let me know in the comments below if there are any other ways you like to cleanse your crystals.

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