A Little Heart To Heart

Hello My Lovelies,

I thought I would start the blog with a quick introduction to myself. My name is Rebecca and I am an Interior Designer and I run my own Interior Design Studio called Rebecca Middleton Refined Luxe in the UK. I have a passion for using your most treasured items along with new and exciting designs and placing them at the centre of your environment. Your home should tell your story of where you have been and the direction in which you are going. I love to understand how people use space and how they interact and flow with each other. In a world of chaos, I like to create environments that offer you a sense of calm, cultivate your senses with a feeling of luxury in design and style.

Through this platform I’d like to share my passion for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary and give you ideas to transform your home into a place you have a passion for. I want to give you the confidence to break the rules and create a home that lights you up.

I will be sharing my lifestyle with you, pulling inspiration from my personal travel experiences, home tours, health, routines and rituals. Things that give my life meaning, joy and purpose. If my experiences and way of life can help you grow and live with passion then I welcome you along for the ride.

Thank you for being here and I hope you enjoy the journey and learn to lead a more peaceful, soulful life.


Rebecca x

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