A Morning Routine for a Productive Day!

This time of year is definitely easier to create new morning habits; the weather is brighter and it's not so cold; unlike in January, when you start a new year's resolution to wake up early and the cold air and dark hit you and suck any sense of enthusiasm out of you.

The advice most people, who are experts in this field, give you is to go to bed at a set time, preferably that gives you around 7 - 8 hours sleep. This all depends on you and how much sleep you think you need. Studies show women generally require more sleep than men, so I generally try to get 8 hours so I want to be asleep by around 10:00 - 10:30pm which gets me up between 6:00 - 6:30am.

To be honest with you, if you are not a morning person it is really difficult to will yourself out of bed. My advice is don't over think it and just do it and eventually it will become easier. I have’t found any technique over the last few months that makes it easier, other than going to bed a little earlier and following my night time routine which if you missed can be found here.

Having a good night time routine and setting the time you go to bed will allow you to still get the amount of sleep you require. It doesn't necessarily make that first 5 seconds you have to make the decision to get up any easier as it is all mental; you just need pure grit and determination to be more productive and proactive and that only happens if you are out of bed. Having a good morning routine that keeps you motivated and allows you get things done, is extremely satisfying.

You also get to see this wonderful world in a completely different light, which is my favourite of all.

I must admit I actually like mornings, especially since lockdown and creating a better routine. I am now one of those people that mediates and drinks hot water and lemon which has made a significant improvement to my skin and my stomach. I feel a sense of peace in the morning, I have a bit more time to process my day and plan it in my head, which helps prevent it from derailing later in the day.

I think part of the secret is to find a place in your home you feel at peace and use the time to think and feel calm before the stress of the world takes flight in you. The Mr is an early riser so he is generally downstairs working already, so I take the opportunity to meditate as soon as I wake up in bed between 6:00 - 6:30am. As I have mentioned before I am a big fan of Insight-Timer and use this app to find a meditation that reflects how I am feeling and what I need to focus on. That might be something that helps me feel empowered and productive or a meditation that calms me and helps me feel gratitude. I then get up stretch, make the bed and get myself and the Mr a hot drink - for me it is hot water and lemon. I then sit and plan out my day; I use the Carrie and co planner which is amazing; it really helps me focus on my goals and what I need to achieve. As I mentioned in my night time routine, I generally have an outline for my day already planned out from the day before, as this helps me decompress after a day's work. In the morning, I just structure it and work out the best timings to get everything done.

I even exercise in the morning which if dare I say it, I actually quite enjoy. I know I am lucky to have a home gym and swimming pool which is convenient and allows me to vary the exercises I do. It is really important to try and get your body moving in the morning whether you do some yoga or go for a walk and If you are able getting your heart rate racing for 30 minutes, it will do you the world go good. If I am in the gym, I use this time to listen to a podcast or watch a YouTube video. I chose something that educates me specifically around topics I need to learn for my business at that current time. If I swim, I use the time to be creative and plan out any concept boards or designs I need to do in my head.

I then shower and do 20 minutes of self care each morning. This can be anything from a hair or face mask, body scrub, mini facial etc. It doesn't matter just as long as I feel like it is time for me to pamper myself because I am worth the time. I get dressed and head downstairs for breakfast. This varies depending on how hungry I am and what I fancy. I love smoked salmon and scrambled eggs followed by fruit or somedays I have crumpets and fruit with a cup of tea I take several vitamins after breakfast which were recommended to me by Dr Sam Bunting, who is my skin doctor and as I have mentioned before is amazing and completely revolutionised my face. I take Biotin for my nails as they flake all the time, Vitamin D which is amazing for a whole load of reasons, Cod-liver Oil and an Optibac probiotic.

Then it is time to start my day, this all generally happens by 9:00 - 9:30am. I have to admit it is a lovely way to start the day and I appreciated people with children will find committing to all of this a little difficult. However, if you can find time to plan, do a little exercise and eat, you will feel miles better; start small and build from there. You will work out what works for you but certainly waking up a little earlier has helped create more time to have a better routine that sets me up for the day.

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