Bed Styling Like a Pro

I have a confession to make, I have a love affair with cushions! I absolutely love them much to my partner's annoyance. You see every night it takes us ten minutes to take all the cushions and throws off the bed, one of the throws weighs an absolute ton, but I don't care.

When I design a bedroom the bed is always where I start. It is generally the largest most visually impactful piece of furniture in the room and can make the biggest difference. Whether you are renting or own your own house, it takes little effort and not a lot of money to transform your whole room.

So first things first, I like white for the most part (I am partial to pale pink too), 100% organic cotton bedding! It always comes up looking so fresh and clean if not washed with anything else which is key. I use washing powder, a scoop full of vanish for whites and some smelling scents. I don't use fabric conditioner as I was told a long time ago they make your bedding and towels lose their breathability and absorbency.

Using white also means it goes with any room decor and if you fancy a change you just need to buy new throws and cushion covers, not new bedding. You should also buy the best quality you can afford, on average we spend one third of our life in bed, that's 229,961 hours so we should try to avoid scratchy fabric. Linen or organic cotton with a good thread count is ideal and a good quality bed with a supportive mattress is essential.

I use fitted sheets at Sixpenny which you do get a tighter fit with, but I use flat sheets at The Pink House, it is just personal preference. I do iron my sheets otherwise my mum would look down on me, but to be honest after one night of sleeping in them you wouldn't know, so you just do you.

Ok now we have the essentials sorted it's time to dress the bed. I start by putting the pillows on the floor and pulling the bottom sheet tight so there are no rumples in the bed, there is nothing worse than trying to sleep and the bottom sheet is all lumpy beneath you. I then pull the duvet up to the top of the bed so it covers most of the mattress. Next I put the world's heaviest bedspread which is from The White company, mine is blue but I am not sure if they do it in this colour anymore. I pull it up so it covers the full duvet, you see as I said with all the will in the world your sheets are going to look crumpled after sleeping in them and this is the best way to make sure you don't see it. I know some people like to fold the duvet back to expose the sheet underneath which is the hotel look and feel. However if you are going to do this, I would suggest steaming your sheets each time as this technique exposes the crumpled bottom sheet and I'm not sure who has time for that.

I then give my pillows and good shake and fluff them up, no one wants to see a flat pillow on a bed it just look messy. I have 4 pillows that are super king size, as my bed is an emperor size bed. I would advise if you have a super king bed or larger to get them, as they fill the bed out and are look a lot better when styling. I use two housewife pillow cases for my bottom pillow these are the ones that have the sen edge that fit neatly around the pillow and two oxford pillow cases for the top pillows these have the fabric edging round them. I stand my pillows up the housewife goes at the back and the oxford at the front. Standing your pillows up like this gives you a good backdrop for your cushions and visually gives depth.

Then you get to play with your cushions, there are no rules to this you can have different shapes, sizes and colours as long as they go with your room decor and the bedspread colour pallet. You can use square, rectangle, bolster or round, it is entirely up to you. On my bed I bought the matching cushions to the bedspread and went with a three large and two small combination.

Finally no bed is complete with a throw at the bottom, it adds texture, layers and keeps the eye busy by drawing it to the whole of the bed not just the top of it. There are lots of ways to style a throw, you can place it on a diagonal over one side, lay it along the bottom like I do with mine or gather it up into a fan. You can also layer a couple of throws as well, just play around with it and find a style that works for you, that is easy and quick to replicate in the morning. I usually finish off with a little linen spray to make the bed and room smell nice, I like the Jo Malone, Lino Nel Vento. There you have it and not too difficult, but I assure you it will make the world of difference to any bedroom. Happy styling.

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