Christmas Traditions

Christmas is full of family traditions and my family have a bucket load, much to the Mr’s bewilderment. I have a tradition for everything this time of year and Christmas is ruined if we don’t do them all haha! When you meet someone and join forces, merging those Christmas traditions is not always easy and compromise is key, or just add more to the mix and hope for the best is my moto, the more the merrier.

Christmas day flowers are my most treasured tradition of Christmas. Every Christmas Eve, my Dad and I would go out and buy my Mum's Christmas presents and the first stop would always be the flower shop. Dad would buy the most beautiful white and green sometimes with a hint of purple bouquet made up especially for her, along with a sprig of mistletoe. Dad would present her with the flowers when we got home and they would sit proudly on the dining table throughout the Christmas period. I now order a bouquet of flowers in the same colours to place on my dining table throughout Christmas too.

You see I like to do a Beef or Pork roast on Boxing day, where as the Mr likes to eat cold turkey and chips, so we do both. I like a whole day to decorate the tree with everyone involved, where as he is happy for it to be put up by the elves overnight, with as little involvement as possible. Therefore he gets to watch me, fill our glasses with fizz all day, put the topper on as I can’t reach and I do the rest which suits me fine, as I will only move them afterwards anyway. I wrote a blog post last week on how I decorate my tree and what goes into the planning and preparation which can be found here.

We watch Miracle on 34th street on Christmas Eve while eating a buffet from the kitchen island in our Christmas PJ’s that Father Christmas brought earlier just to double check we are being extra nice! Oh and don't forget the carrot, milk and mince pies, right.

The big one was present opening, he doesn’t allow presents to be opened until after Christmas lunch which is usually around 4pm. I mean who can wait that long to open presents; well apparently me now. I must admit it does make the day more fun and means throughout the day you have all the excitement still in front of you, which is nice.

Christmas is all about traditions, that spark memories of our passed and loved ones that are no longer with us. It reminds us of how lucky we are to have people in our lives that love and care for us.

Our annual Christmas shopping trip, where we don’t ever really buy any presents, but use it as an excuse to spend quality time together, have a few glasses of fizz and chat about the year we have had and what memories we want to create over the coming year.

The annual trip my Mum makes to stay with me for the week in November, when we do our Christmas shopping in villages and at local fairs like the Midwinter Wealden Times Fair supporting local businesses. Then we go home open a bottle of fizz, put our comfy clothes on, eat nice Christmas cookies, watch a Christmas movie, light the fire and wrap the presents we have bought.

I know this year has been tough and we haven’t been able to do some of the things we would usually do. My Mum didn’t get to come down and although the Mr and I went Christmas shopping it didn’t feel the same. However that’s the thing with traditions you can always, at any point, start new ones and pick up old ones whenever you like.

So think hard about what Christmas means to you, remember the lost traditions that remind you of your loved ones and constantly add new ones. Last year's new tradition was another Christmas tree in the snug, next year we are adding one in the kitchen (it’s just an excuse to drink more fizz, but really it is a whole day together uninterrupted laughing and chatting). This year is different as we are going away, which is breaking all the traditions, but with the year it has been I think it’s just what we need.

I’d love to know what your family traditions are, let me know in the comments. Sending love and happiness x

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