Creating an Inviting & Luxurious Home Environment

I know I say this all the time and I know it gets boring, but you can’t have a luxurious home if you have clutter everywhere.

I was talking to my girlfriends from school last week on Zoom and one of them was expressing how she seems to be the only one that knows how to put anything away. She described how everyday items such as a water bottle, keys and a wallet were not decorative items and therefore did not need to be out on show. I have to agree with her. As you know I have a holistic approach to designing interiors. I love creating homes that feel relaxed and inviting, yet styled and elegant. However everything must have a home and that home must be convenient to the way in which we live. Without our kitchens and offices looking cluttered with everyday items. I want to hide things away in convenient nooks or blend my everyday items into the background, so they are in a useful place yet not the focus of the space.

Most aesthetically pleasing homes feel spacious, light and airy with intriguing interiors drawing your eye to all aspects of the room, so you aren’t focused on one particular area. It isn’t about having a large million pound home, it is about styling your home correctly, making it inviting and creating a space that is supportive and nurturing to your needs.

Keeping your home clear and clean is an essential. You can have the most amazing home in the world, but if it is filled with clutter and things that don’t serve you and light you up, it will never feel luxurious and enlightening. That means if you have clothes that aren’t put away or don’t fit or mail you haven’t opened on the side these need addressing. Make sure that only things you require, serve a purpose and love are in your home. There are plenty of people out there that can help with this if you are struggling such as The Fresh Nest Challenge. Hannah has a seven day challenge that will help you declutter and style your home. I also like to use where possible sustainable products for cleaning and products that are better fir our health and less toxic t our health. I think I will write a blog post about my favourite products over the coming weeks which once it is done I will link here.

Once you have cleared the clutter, air the house. Open the windows and doors as often as you can even in winter for a little time, everyday. Any soft furnishings you like and want to keep air those too. Hang them outside and when you bring them in spritz them with your favourite linen spray, I like these Jo Malone, Neon and The White Company.

It is important to understand how your lifestyle choices reflect how you live. I interview my clients intensively about their home, lifestyle and work etc, so I can create a home that works for everyone who lives there. If there are specific items you know you want, but might be slightly out of your price range, look for an alternative, that still makes you feel good and work towards buying the item you really desire, but don’t wait and do nothing. The whole idea of living a luxurious fulfilled life is to create that feeling everyday, starting now with your home.

The entrance to your home is so important, you want to walk up to your front door and instantly feel relaxed. Knowing that your home is your sanctuary and it fills you with complete joy. This can be created no matter if you are living in a rented apartment or a large home of your own. You want the space to feel welcoming and impressive. I always look for stunning doorways when I am walking through London or driving around for inspiration. Look at this beautiful Mews House I snapped a picture of at the weekend while I was in London. I wanted to knock and the door and ask if I could have a look around. That's what you want people to feel when they see the front of your home. Curb appeal is very popular at the moment and a really important part of designing a home. Once we have landscaped the front garden, I am going write a post all about curb appeal and how you can improve yours at home.

The Items below can create a great first impression when people walk through your door and make a space look inviting. It can also be repeated throughout the home to create consistency and a specific style.

Large Art or Mirror - Using something that is oversized and impactful even in a small space makes it feel much more luxurious and grand.

Console Table or Sideboard - This creates visual intrigue by using the top to display items such as a lamp, bowl for your keys and your favourite candle to add warmth and a welcome fragrance.

Ambient Lighting - This is really important, you want to be able to layer your lighting so it serves you in lots of ways. Lamps offer warm inviting lighting, that create a soft cosy feel. As soon as I get home I turn on all the lamps on around the house as I love how it transform the feeling of the space. At The Pink House, I have a dimmer switch that controls all the side lights in my lounge so a variety of them come on at the flick of a switch creating such a lovely soft inviting mood. I also love the outside lighting we have at Sixpenny, which creates a lovely atmosphere as you approach the house and come down the drive. Ceiling lights are also important to spread light for when you actually need to see what you are doing, so don’t forget to add one of those too. If you want them to be inconspicuous then just use downlighter or smaller flush ceiling light instead of low hanging chandeliers.

Candles also give a very subtle, but beautiful light. I am big fan of choosing a signature smell for your home, it engages your senses when you walk into a room and triggers an emotional connection with the space. I have the Jo Malone Lime, Basil and Mandarin at Sixpenny, which I have in the candles and air defusers all around the house. Other than the pool which I wanted to create a spa feel, so I went for the No 34 Boulevard Saint Germain from Diptyque. At The Pink House we have the Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede.

Having a cohesiveness within your home and each room is really important to creating that luxury feel. The Scandinavian expression for this is The “röda tråden” or red thread. It isn’t meant to be taken literally, so don't start pulling a red thread throughout your home. It is meant to encourage you to place whatever colour or material you like throughout your home repeatedly.

At The Pink House it is very obviously some form of pink, be it wall paint, soft furnishings or decorative objectives. At Sixpenny it is chrome, white, blue and grey, you can use as little or as much as you like in each room depending on your style. I haven’t added any other metals into our home, other than chrome and apart from the snug which is royal navy, every room in the house is painted in Shallows from the Little Green Paint Company. For consistency we used the same white paint colour in all of the rooms for the woodwork and ceilings which is loft white.

You don’t have to paint all the walls in your home the same colour, like I have at Sixpenny. However splashes of the same colour in vases, soft furnishings and maybe even floral displays will help to bring the whole look together.

There you have it a few tips from me to turning your home in to an inviting, luxurious space. Try adding a few of these into your home and see how they make you feel, but first keep it tidy and declutter.

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