Getting Your Life and Home Ready for the New Moon

For those of you that have been reading my blog posts over the last couple of weeks you will know I have been preparing for tomorrow's new moon. I have aligned myself with new dreams & aspirations, I am ready for my smudging ritual & vision board session.

As part of the new moon ritual, I like to make sure my life is in order & my home feels ready for my new intensions. As I mentioned in my previous post which can be found here, making room & preparing for what your heart desires is really important.

Here are some examples of how to Feng Shui your life & home so you are ready for the new things you are manifesting this week on the new moon.

Career - Make sure your home office or desk is clear & free of any unopened mail or unpaid bills & give your bills the attention they need. Where possible never have your desk facing away from a door. Opportunity always comes through the door and we want to be facing any opportunity that walks into our lives. I appreciated a lovely view through the window is nice but remember "robbers come through windows and they are not welcome". If facing the door isn’t possible place a mirror on the wall or leaning up on your desk so you can see the door in the reflection to welcome opportunity.

Health and Wellbeing - Open windows & doors in your home to let fresh air in for 20 minutes a day, that way you are cleansing the air & letting good chi energy in. If your goal is to drink more water, eat healthy & exercise daily, place a pitcher of water with fresh fruit in the fridge over night, clean your fridge out & fill it with fresh produce & plan your daily workout the night before or even at the beginning of the week. Being prepared & organised with nice gym wear, a clean fridge with fresh enticing food and fruit flavoured chilled water will encourage you to live a more healthy lifestyle. Create a routine that supports your daily goals & plan in advance so you are giving yourself the time & energy to achieve those goals.

Clearing your mindset & becoming more confident - I know I say this a lot but decluttering really is the ideal way to make room for the new you. By clearing out things that don’t serve you in your life you are telling the world, you are ready for new exciting & aspirational things. So make sure your junk draw is organised with only items that are practical & useful on a daily or weekly basis. If it isn’t find a home in your garage for them, we only want items that we use regularly in our day to day lives in sight. Clear out your closet & only have clothes, shoes & bags that make you feel good about yourself, we want to get rid of stagnant energy that is holding you back and fill it with positive feel good vibes. Try your clothes on, see how you feel in them and if they make you feel great they stay otherwise they go to charity or the bin. Instagram is raving about this lady & her closet skills, Cleo offers a full clear out & personal shop service as well shopping lists so you purchase things that actually look good during lockdown, I promise you it is possible thanks to Cleo.

Finances - Clear out those purses, wallets and handbags. Produce a spreadsheet so you are tracking where your money is going and when your bills come out. Put systems in place to help manage your money, so you allocate yourself enough money for bills, saving/a rainy day pot, play, investments etc. I like to follow T. Harv Eker's process by looking after my money and placing it in different bank accounts, that way I am showing the world I am looking after what I have and I am ready to receive more. You should definitely read his book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind it’s a game changer. Another fabulous lady I follow on instagram is Miss Lolly Money, she is a financial expert and author of a great book called Money Lessons. Lisa gives great advice on everything to do with money, how much to allocate to each pot, what mortgage deals are out there, pensions, investing and much more.

There are lots of ways to cleanse and the new moon is the perfect time to do so. So today and tomorrow, clear your clutter, clear your home energy by letting fresh air in and performing a smudging ritual (post on smudging is here) & produce those vision boards (post one here). By all means if you have any questions please do get in touch here.

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