How to Create an Empowering Vision Board Part One

Tonight is a very special night as it is the night the flower moon graces us with its presence. The flower moon signifies the blooms that will blossom during the month of May. There are other names according to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich such as corn planting moon, hare moon and milk moon.

For those who were up early this morning you may have had the pleasure of seeing a most spectacular view of the flower moon as it set. Don’t panic for those of you that didn’t, as you will get the opportunity to see it again this evening when it rises at around 8.45pm.

The full moon is when plans takes root and all our intentions begin to grow; it is the perfect opportunity to let go of what is not serving you. Grab hold of your goals, dreams, ambitions and plant the seeds for them to bloom which is extremely poignant during the flower moon, as this is what it represents.

Vision boards are a great way to visualise your life and get really clear on what you want from it.

The best day to set your intentions is on a full moon. So this evening I want you to sit with a glass of something that lights you up: champagne, a cocktail, a cup of your favourite tea; and write down your wildest dreams. Dream BIG My Lovely, in all aspects of your life. Below I have outlined the categories I want to focus on with some examples.

Love/Relationships - Maybe you want to find or marry the love of your life who shares the same passions as you, or truly learn to love yourself unconditionally.

Children/Creativity - Are you wanting children and if so how many. Bring creative fun into your life like starting a new hobby such as art, jewellery making, learn an instrument.

Travel/social network - Is there a place you have always wanted to visit or a person you want to meet that will elevate your life, who is it and why?

Career - A promotion you want or an ideal client or brand you want work with.

Self Development - learn a new skill, such as communicate better with your partner or learn how to be better with money.

Family/Health - Envision how you want your family to interact with each other, or maybe you want to eat more healthy and exercise more

Wealth/abundance - Be clear about how much money you want to attract into your life and what you want to use that money for, a new house, car, travel, shoes, champagne

Frame/Reputation/Recognition - This might be elevating your business by being seen as a thought leader or how you interact socially with your friends.

Write down in detail, so you can really visualise what your life would look like if you had already achieved the things on your list. Now close your eyes and see yourself with the money in the bank sitting in the house of your dreams, with the people you love, doing the things that give you passion and life.

Take it all in and write down as much as your heart desires, because in Tuesdays blog post I will be sharing with you how to create a vision board that will help you manifest those dreams on the new moon.

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