How to Create an Empowering Vision Board Part Three

In part one we concentrated on getting really clear on our dreams and aspirations. Part two we clarified how we go about using our 100% life experiences to enhance obtaining those desires. Now in part three we are finally ready to produce our vision board and visualise those dreams.

The best time to create your vision board is on the evening of the new moon which is Friday May 22nd. We are moving into a Gemini moon which means it is time to sow those desires and aspirations and apply them to who we want to become. As the Gemini sign relates to twos, surrounding yourself with other people and finding new interests, friends, networking groups, fresh ways of connecting with people, will aid you in your quest. Also finding a couple of people who inspire you, who you can mirror in their habits and behaviours will also be good.

It is time for re-emergence and new beginnings and it aligns us with new intentions. So start to collect magazines and look through them to see if any represent the dreams you wrote down on the full moon. You can buy a board; this can be foamex, card or a picture frame or you can stick it to your wall with tape. If you opt for a board you will need some glue and scissors.

On Friday May 22nd sit down and cut out anything that represents your dreams and stick them in the appropriate area of your vision board according to the Bagua map as pictured to the right.

Once your vision is complete, place it in a prime location in your home so you can see it everyday and think about the things you are wanting to attract into your life. The best place to put it is in the area that is most positive to your birth chart. This can be found here.

By placing it in this area of your home and viewing it everyday you are assisting your destiny with positive energy. Also use the law of attraction through mediation and positive affirmations to show the world you are ready to receive those dreams and desires.

Finally your home and belongings are your ally when it comes to manifesting new dreams, you have to make space for the new things you want in life and show the world you are ready for them. Make sure you look after what you already have. Therefore if a new car is on your vision board and you already have a car, make sure you look after it, clean it, make it smell nice and be thankful for it.

Next Tuesday I will be posting a blog about smudging rituals which will help you cleanse the air and energy in your home ready for the new moon, so be sure to check back in.

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