How to Create an Empowering Vision Board Part Two

Following on from last week's blog post (if you haven’t read it yet you can find it here) don’t worry if you haven’t used the full moon to manifest your deepest desires; there is always next month. I have decided to break this blog post into two and will be posting the final part three on Thursday. It is a lot to take in and I wanted to break down the meaning behind why sometimes our dreams and desires don’t come to fruition.

For those of us that sat under the full moon and allowed our minds to run wild while we envisaged a life of greatness, we are now ready to get prepared and organised before creating our vision board on the new moon, which this month is on May 22nd.

Before you create your vision board, you need to be fully aligned and understand the three principles of your life each taking 33.33% of your life experience.

Number one is your soul/spirit which is our heavenly luck. This is fate, karma and destiny, that is written in the stars for us. Looking at your birth chart here may help to understand a little more about what this part of your life experience means.

Number two is your mind, this is your manifestation luck, where the law of attraction comes into play. We can use our mind through meditation, training, rituals, positive affirmations and thoughts to create a platform that puts us in the right state of mind to receive the life we long for.

And finally number three the body which is where Feng Shui sits, your earthly luck. These are physical items that we chose everyday. The items we place in our home and where we place them, the colours in which we decorate and those we wear, the books we read, the accounts we follow on social media, the food we eat, how much we exercise and follow our self care routines all have an impact.

All of these parts are linked to each other and unless they are all flowing equally and in sync we will not be in a place to receive. That is why so many people’s vision boards don’t manifest their true desires. They aren’t focusing on all aspects of their 100% life experience through soul/spirit/mind and body.

People tend to focus a lot on the law of attraction which is the mind and karma/fate which is the soul but not on physical embodiment of luck. This is where Feng Shui plays a large part, it takes into consideration energy flows that harmonise our environments. By placing items and objects in certain places it influences the flow energy in our lives which can promote prosperity, happiness, good health and have an overall positive impact on our lives.

The reason I asked you to focus last week on certain categories when dreaming big was so they were in line with the Bagua map. The Bagua map is what we use to map our homes to attract more of what we want. It is a grid made up of eight sections representing important areas of our personal lives that have their own energy field within our homes.


When energy flows harmoniously through each section of our lives, we end up with overall prosperity and good health lifting that extra 33.33% manifesting power into our lives. So when creating your vision board, I would like you to follow the Bagua map by placing the correct section in the right area of your board, as shown in the picture above. So your fame and reputation will be at the top centre of your board and your career and life path will be bottom centre. This will help you find the right energy flow and bring harmony to your life.

I have used this process numerous times and manifested some great life experiences. On Thursday I will break down what you will need to create your vision board and how to bring all three areas of your life together to aid in your manifestation, so you are using 100% of your life experiences. Until then keep dreaming Big.

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