How to Design Your Own Bespoke Furniture

For a long time before I started RMRL I would design lights and furniture in my head, it was a bit of an obsession. So it made sense for me to add bespoke furniture design to my services when I started RMRL. I'm lucky as my grandfather and parents were and are extremely supportive of my wacky ideas and would indulge me in them; by turning my designs into reality for The Pink House. I remember designing my dolls house with my grandfather when I was six and him spending hours perfecting it for me, while I changed my mind for the hundredth time as to where the stairs were going to go.

Now I get to design furniture and move staircases in grown up homes, which makes my heart sing. When designing a piece of furniture like the dining room table above, I don't use any fancy software to design it, I start with a drawing and some sketches. Now I am no artist, but that doesn't matter, it just helps to get my ideas out of my head and onto paper so I can generally discuss them with my father, to see how crazy he thinks they are. You see he is my barometer if he thinks it is crazy it must not be possible. He is brilliant and a true champion of my work. Nothing I suggest turns into a not possible, he believes everything is possible with time and of course some funding. He is extremely resourceful and is generally the one who builds the lights I design, he has many years of experience turning the designs in my head into a reality. It doesn't always need to cost more to have a bespoke finish either, as long as you are clever with the design, specification of material and realistic when it comes to budget you can get the perfect bespoke solution you are looking for. However remember quality does last!

I then use Keynote on my Mac to add in the detail to the designs and annotate them where required as shown above. At this stage I look at materials that I think will work well with the design and I speak to my suppliers to see what they feel will work. For example when designing my fire place and dining room table I knew I wanted a material that didn't require sealing and would be protected from any spillages. However I did want a marble effect that was white with a grey vain running through it. The budget was also important as I required quite a lot of the material in other parts of the house as well as the design for the table and fire place. Marble equally is heavy and therefore adds some complexity to the design and manufacturing so I decided to go with a Dekton which is lighter, cheaper but still has the great finish I was looking for.

When looking at buying materials, make sure you work out any other areas you want to use it, as it is much better to buy in bulk than in separate pieces, especially when it comes to any stone like Dekton, Quartz or Marble etc. So if you are having a kitchen, utility room and maybe an outdoor kitchen area designed and want the same finish buy the material all at the same time. As they can generally map out the space and utilise the #offcuts as well. I also asked my supplier to make round display boards for my kettle and toaster to tie the look together so nothing was wasted and I got my monies worth.

I am lucky to work with some of the best suppliers, they work with me to achieve the best results and can advise on the best material and finishes to achieve the desired look, without comprising on design or style.

So if you have any projects that you think could benefit from a bespoke RMRL design please get in touch here.

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