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The snug is a cosy little space we spend the majority of our evenings, especially this time of year. When we were designing the house I knew I wanted a room that felt cosy and warm. The Pink House; because of its size and Victorian fires, feels cosy no matter what room you are in. I missed having that space to snuggle up in and shut the world out, and this room was perfect for that.

It used to be the library, it had floor to ceiling wooden bookshelves on three of the four walls and a fireplace with a pine surround. I knew the minute I walked into the room what it needed, the question was how was I going to persuade the Mr that my vision was the right choice.

I am not saying that the Mr is averse to colour but he certainly struggles to see the vision and I am not sure he was overly convinced when I told him I wanted to paint the entire room, including the fire surround and bookshelf Royal Navy from Little Green. These are the three blues I debated going with before settling on Royal Navy.

Smalt Basalt Royal Navy

As you can see the Royal Navy looks nothing like the paint on the wall, so do get samples. Paint a large patch on some lining paper and mount them to the wall, don't rely on the colour swatch from their website or a card chart. Why lining paper and not straight onto the wall you ask, that's because if you decide you want to paint the wall a lighter colour you won't get a patch of wall that is a lot harder to cover up than the rest.

For those detectives amongst us, you will have noticed I said bookshelf, not shelves, I also wanted to rip the rest out, you can imagine how that went down. However the space just didn't work with the current layout and I really wanted a comfy large sofa facing the fireplace, that way you can see out of the window, you aren't blocking the heat from the radiator and I also liked the idea of facing the fire, it felt a little cosier.

If you were to ask him now he would tell you it was his idea all along to take the bookshelves out and that it was him that persuaded me to paint the walls Royal Navy. I think they say the best way to get people to see it your way, is to think it was their idea in the first place right?!

The shutters are from Thomas Sanderson, if you order the wooden ones they can paint match to any colour. We also got them to install a blackout blind in here so we can movie night anytime of the day.

As a contrast to the blue, I opted to use white accessories to style the shelves along with chrome finishes like the rest of the house.

The drinks trolley is from Neptune and is the perfect fit for the corner of the room and it matches the two small side tables we purchased from Sweetpea and Willow. As we don't have a lot of space down the side of the sofa which we purchased from Natuzzi. We needed to choose something that was slim but would also slide under the reclaiming footrest of the sofa, these chrome and glass tables are perfect.

The artwork is from one of our favourite artist Philip Grey who paints the most stunning pictures from expeditions he has been on, we have one from his adventurers to Antarctica where if you look closely you can see two penguins on the ice in the distance. The other is from the base camp of Mount Everest, he has some fabulous coffee table books that explain in detail the expeditions he has been on, definitely worth a read if you are a fan of his work, or like an adventure.

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