Smudging Ritual - Cleansing The Energy In Your Home

A smudging ritual is a way of cleansing the energy around your home and the people who live there. Sage is a herb used for centuries in purifying sacred spaces, and releasing negative energy.

By cleansing the home with a smudging stick it purifies the air, removes bacteria and releases all the negative energy, making the space feel lighter and cleaner. Your home is a place where you rejuvenate, practice self care and feel a sense of peace and calm. By following the next steps, this should help create some clarity in your life and open your mind and home to positive, flowing energy.

I like to cleanse my mind and body and get really clear on my manifestations before I cleanse the house. So to start I sit and get really clear on my intentions and raise my vibrations. Specifically in the following areas of my life; relationships, business, health, money and travel. I tend to write my vision down of how I see my ideal self in these areas of my life. So for business I visualise my ideal client, how I would serve them, what platforms I am speaking from to promote my business and who I am engaging and collaborating with. You can also journal away the negative energy as well, so you release those thoughts to make room for the things you really want.

Cleanse your body by having a relaxing bath, water is very powerful in Feng Shui for cleansing and healing. Use bath salts and your favourite essential oil and light candles to make the experience really indulgent. Clear your mind and focus only on the positive manifestations you visualised earlier. See yourself in the situations of having the money you desire, wearing the clothes you love, with people that have a positive impact on you.

Once you have clear intentions and feel at peace the ritual can begin. You will require a smudging stick. I personally like floral and herbal ones as they smell amazing and look beautiful. I like to buy mine from Woodland Wonders, Royah sells her stunning floral smudging sticks here. A small dish or shell with some sand, your favourite candle and a match.

Connect with your space, start by putting on some music that resonates with you and relaxes you. Light your candle and use it to light your smudging stick at your front door. Move around each room in your home clockwise from corner to corner and allow the smoke to move freely around the space and into every part of the room including behind furniture, inside closets and cupboards and in dark spaces.

There are affirmations you can say while carrying out the ritual which you can google but for me I personally focus on my own manifestations and thank the herbs for disposing of the negative energy in my home. You can use the Feng Shui Bagua map, which outlines the areas in your home that resonate with a particular part of your life. For example when I get to the South West area of my home which is linked to relationships, I focus on the positive relationships in my life and how thankful I am for them. If I require more of those, I simply visualise what that relationship would look like how we would interact while in that part of my home. It is useful to know which way your home is facing so you established which areas of your home are based on. The map can be found in a previous post here. My front door is north facing so I focus on fame and reputation which for me are things like the opportunity to get my work published and become a thought leader.

Once you have worked your way through your homes demonstrated in the video above, use the shell or bowl containing the sand and lightly rub the smoking end of the smudging stick into the sand. Don’t press too hard as you will want to use the stick again, keep rubbing until the smoke goes out.

I advise to do the ritual on Friday before you commence with your vision board. That way the negative energy has been released and positive energy and cleansed air will surround you whilst you dreams and aspirations are visualised on your board.

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