Sustainability and My Home

I have been a fan of sustainable and non toxic cleaning products for some time now as they are better for us and the environment, obviously, but they also look so pretty on show, which makes them perfect for styling the kitchen and laundry room.

I love organising and making sure everything has a home in a considered and measured way. That’s what holistic interior design is all about. It is about making sure you have everything you need, in the right place and that it looks aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The cherry on the cake is if you can do all of that sustainably, which I believe you can. Once you have your system set up, which I promise does not take a lot of effort or time, you will be so pleased you did so. It will look amazing and you can proudly say to yourself or anyone that will listen how sustainable you are being.

These products are the perfect styling items and I love putting them on show. I am proud that I have done my research and now use better products that help save the planet and my family. I want other people to do the same, so I put them on display.

It all started with my bamboo handled dustpan and brush, which is amazing and picks up so much more dirt than any other dustpan and brush I have owned. Don’t you just hate it when the dirt goes up and over the top of the pan and you have to start again. So here is a list of a few things I have been switching out in my cupboards and out on display to be a little more sustainable in a chic kind of way.

I have been switching to glass bottles and buying refills of products that require diluting where possible which reduces plastic and packaging as well. I generally use Zoflora or Method for most things, as I like the smell of both and the Zoflora refill bottles use less plastic, due to their size. The Method bottles are made from recycled bottles, the brand follows the cradle to cradle design philosophy. The product is also assessed by independent scientists to make sure they are biodegradable, environmentally friendly and not harmful to us. I love the amber glass bottles, I use them in my bathroom as well, for body lotion and body wash. I also bought some Bon Bon jars to store my washing power, pegs and bath salts. I really try where possible to buy products that come in recyclable packaging.

The hand wash and lotion we have on our kitchen and laundry room sink is from Sevin London. They are all natural products and are not tested on animals. The product also comes in glass bottles and my favourite is the porcelain white.

I have two sets of sponges which are both eco friendly. The first set are made from bamboo and are great for generally wiping the surfaces and rinsing dishes, which wash incredibly well. The second set I have are 100% biodegradable natural sponges from eplanita. It is made from the loofah plant which is part of the cucumber family. They generally last 4-6 weeks and you get 6 in a pack. I also use a loofah sponge in the shower as well, they really polish your skin and I love the texture. They also foam really well so you end up using less washing up liquid and soap. I had so many old horrible cloths in a multitude of colours that didn’t go with any of interiors. I’d had them for such a long time as well, so I decided to have a sort out and move those to the garage to use for cleaning paint brushes and cleaning the cars etc.

I also bought new scrubbing brushes, as there is nothing worse than a pan with egg stuck to it and no scrubbing brush. I bought wooden ones made from all natural fibres. Two types, a normal wooden dish brush and a pot brush for those really stubborn burnt on foods. When I switched to using Bon Bon jars for my washing power and Epsom salts, I bought some wooden scoops too. This made it easier to decant in to the bath and washing machine and they look amazing styled on the surface or in your jar.

I used to use a tin tidy station for all my products. You know the ones that say laundry on the side of them. I do still have one of these at The Pink House, as it is vintage and I didn’t want it to go to land fill. However for Sixpenny I have switched to using wicker baskets. I love the way they look on the side on my sinks in the en-suite. I like things to be accessible but tidy when designing a space, so wicker baskets are a great storage solution. I also use them for my cleaning products. I store all my products for individual rooms in one basket. So I have a separate one to store my bathroom cleaning products, one for the kitchen and one for my washing products. That way they are easy to get out from under the sink and move to the place I need them.

The next thing on my list to buy is a wooden step so I can reach everything the Mr puts out of my reach around the house, like chocolate. I still have a long way to go to be completely sustainable with our home, but I am loving the learning process and will endeavour to continue finding products that help the environment and my family as much as I can.

Please do let me know if you have come across any other items I should be using, to be more sustainable with my cleaning.

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