The Perfect Formula for Styling a Drinks Trolley

As I write this blog post, I am enjoying the fruits of my labour; by that I am mean I have a fruity cocktail in hand. Well number one it would be rude not to and number two what drinks trolley blog post would be complete without a fruity cocktail in it.

I love to include a drinks trolley when designing a home. I think having a place in your home specifically to prepare a drink is the perfect luxury everyone should allow themselves; thats why I have two. Well I wouldn’t want to have to leave the room at a party to pour myself a drink now would I? I might miss something!

I loved watching programmes set in the 1950’s/60’s where they are constantly preparing drinks in their lounge, dining room and office. Looking so fabulous, it is defiantly a vibe I embraced when designing this drinks trolley below.

In all seriousness, what I like about a drinks trolley is how eye catching they can be and that they add so much interest to a space. You can make them as personal as you like, adding items that tell a story about your favourite holiday tipple or an old bottle opener that belonged to your grandparents.

Everything can have a story, it gives guests something to look at while you pour them a drink and you don’t even have to leave the room.

Remember you don’t necessarily need a trolley you can style a dresser, the top of your sideboard or even some shelving whatever you have will look great.

When styling your drinks trolley you can go as maximalist or minimalist as you like, so feel free to include as little or as much as you desire of the following. I switch it up depending on what kind of event I am having and what drinks I want to serve. At Christmas I go all out as we have cocktails, champagne, red, white and port. So I might even bring in two drinks trolley’s to help me cope with the pressure. For a summer party generally we stick to something fruity like Pims and some Champagne. Here is my dining room drinks trolley for some more inspiration.

Items I like to include are the following on my trollies:

1. Fresh items, these consist generally of flowers or fresh fruit. They add colour and who doesn’t

love a bit of fruit in their drink?

2. Essential items, you cannot make a drink if you don’t have the right gear to do so. Therefore I

like to add a shaker, cocktail stand with items such as a strainer, fruit crusher, bottle opener and

a measuring tool but to be honest who ever uses one of these at home?!

3. Interesting spirit bottles, these should also be what you like to drink, no point in putting bottles on

your trolley that you don’t like even if they do look nice. The whole point of a drinks trolley is that

it is fun and what is more fun than drinking your way through it.

4. A base line, this can be a tray, chopping board or cocktail/wine books. These add contrast to

the base of your trolley and allow you to layer which I’m a big fan off.

5. Glass wear, really important you can’t make a drink without having a glass handy, so I tend to

keep a couple of martini, coup or short glasses on my trolley for easy access. You never know

when the urge for a fruity cocktail might hit you and we need to be prepared.

6. A piece of art on the wall behind your trolley or leaning against the wall sat on your trolley. Either way this will add some extra colour to the area and draw the eye.

7. Finally something that gives you some height, this can be created by the flowers if you like in a tall vase or you can even add a lamp to highlight your trolley.

Remember there are no right or wrong ways to style a trolley, you can use as much or as little as you like. These are just items that I find work together, they are useful and look great when styled together. The one to the left is my TV snug trolley, see I told you Have them everywhere. So have a play and see what works for you. I’d love to know if you have one and how you style yours, so please let me know here.

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