The Pink House Home Tour Series - Bathroom

Following on from the tour of my kitchen at The Pink House, which if you haven't seen or read you can find here, I thought I would take you inside the bathroom. I moved the bathroom from the ground floor to the second level of our Victorian Townhouse for convenience. No one likes having to go downstairs in the middle of the night and there is something strange about taking a bath next to the kitchen.

I ordered my bathroom suite from Bath Store. I knew exactly what I wanted, a victorian pull chain high cistern toilet, roll top bath, separate quadrant shower and his and hers sinks. I went with the savoy range which at the time was the most traditional option they had that included all the items I required.

I decided upon olive green for the walls and tiles which were laid in a brick formation. I opted to lay wooden floor broads and stain them a dark oak colour which offered a great contrast and richness to the olive green and white suite. I installed matching chandeliers on this level so the master bedroom and bathroom had the same light they were on sale at Alders before they closed down, which still makes me sad. I loved that shop. I also added two wall lights either side of the mirror for ambiance, as when in the bath you don't want a big light on, but you do want to be able to see what you are doing.

I went for a separate shower, which if at all possible I think should always be incorporated into a bathroom design. They are easier to access, more spacious and easier to clean than the whole bath.

Storage is always an issue in a bathroom if you don't go for a vanity unit under your sink and to me that felt a little too modern for the look I was trying to achieve. So as luck would have it I was back home in the North visiting family and came across this beautiful water trough, which I thought would be perfect to house all my lotions and potions.

Before I purchased my wooden bath caddy, I wanted something to place the items I used in the bath. You see for me, taking a bath is a self care ritual I love, it instantly relaxes me and there is nothing worse than not having what you need close to hand. However I am not a big fan of having it on the side of the bath, you generally knock them and they fall on the floor which isn't very relaxing. So I purchased a stunning ceramic stool from Home Sense a few years ago which is perfect and adds a little colour and intrigue into the room. I also purchased the pink bath matts at the same time, to tie the bathroom into the pink theme throughout the house. You only need little accents of the same colour or materials to tie each room together, which it is good for consistency. It makes a home feel like it has been curated and not just a lot of random pieces put together.

Finally, I decided upon a shutter for the window dressing as I didn't want it to look fussy with a blind or curtains and also to keep it clean looking and of course add privacy.As this was a bedroom before, it didn't have frosted glass, which to be honest I am not a big fan of. I like to see out of the bathroom window and look out over the garden while in the bath, I'm not overlooked so I can get away with it. I also think frosted glass makes a room look closed in and less spacious.

If you follow me on instagram, you will know I am a big fan of art in many forms: oil paintings, watercolour, photography you name it, I love finding a piece that means something to me. They say in Feng Shui that if you are drawn to a piece of art it is because it has a message for you. It might be a piece that is showing you a path or telling to you slow down by taking the time to look at it. Mine are a reminder of where I come from and instantly relax me when I look at them, which is extremely important for a bathroom. You don't want something that over powers the senses and stimulates the mind. These landscapes are extra special to me as they were taken by my very talent mother of the place they live. I love bluebell season and the greenery of home, they instantly transport me back to happy memories.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of our bathroom at the Pink House. The next in this series will be a tour of the master bedroom, so keep your eye out for that post. If you are enjoying the tour of The Pink House and would like me to do a series on Sixpenny please do let me know in the comments and click the heart button on the blog page for this post.

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