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It is the smallest room in the house other than the new downstairs powder room that I am in the process of putting in, but it is the most magical.

I have created a space for all the things I love: clothes, shoes, bags, vinyl and trinkets. It is a place I go to escape, craft and generally make myself feel better. I am surrounded by the things I love and cherish, other than my loved ones of course. I have Polaroid pictures in frames, of fond memories and pictures of the dreams I am yet to discover in person.

It isn't professionally fitted out, my clothes hang on hooks I purchased from Anthropologie and an old metal dance bar I picked up second hand screwed onto two pieces of wood for support.

I bought the two chests of drawers and shelving from Ikea with the intension of up-cycling them with wall paper which I will do with the remaining wallpaper from the powder room, when I get around to decorating it.

I have however seen this stunning cabinet from Rockett St George I can't seem to forget about, but also can't see on their website. It was in Liberty's over a year ago.

The rug on the floor is from Homesense and the one on my chair is from a very talented lady in Tunbridge Wells, who owns a shop called Anna Poulsen.

The desk I got from my parents which is vintage and the foot stool I bought in France when visiting there a couple of years ago, but here is one similar. The wallpaper is from Laura Ashley and is called birds of paradise but I don't think they sell it anymore. I also have the cushion on my desk chair to match, which is a nice touch. However Mathew Williamson does this print which is very similar and stunning.

The room is finished off with an electric mix of items that make me happy, such as my beloved record player which is from Crosley; music is good for my soul especially listening to all the old songs I used to dance around the kitchen to with my grandparents. The styling items, I have collected over the years from numerous places, have sentimental value to me.

It is a little place of heaven that I can lose myself in, listening to music that transports me back, crafting and working on my business and passions, playing dress up, putting new outfits together, the list goes on. It feels like my childhood bedroom, made up of all the things I love, where I can let go and completely feel free. Do you have somewhere like that? Let me know in the comments.

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