The Pink House Home Tour Series: Kitchen and Dining Room

The Pink House is a 1880's Victorian Town House. It stretches over three levels and has recently had the kitchen and dining room remodelled. The house belongs to me and was the first home I ever purchased. There have been years of blood, sweat and tears in the design and I thought I would do a series of blog posts to show you around.

The Pink House, is one of those homes I'm not sure I will ever finish. I love pottering with the design and interiors, as it is such an eclectic mix of colour, fun and built from lots of memories. Completely different in style to Sixpenny the house I share with my partner in Surrey, which is what my instagram grid is mostly made up of.

This house gives me lots of freedom to have fun with colour and implement my bespoke designs like this tea pot light I designed and made with my Dad, which I love. When I started the design process for the remodel there were 5 key features I wanted: a downstairs powder room, natural light, a stable door, a place to sit and read recipe books, while enjoying a cup of tea and of course I wanted it to be pink. I like houses to have a common theme throughout and pink is the theme for this house.

With all my designs I start with a mood board and collate materials. I wrote a blog post on the design process here if you would like to take a look. Once I have an idea of the theme I then walk round the space and start to map out and zone the areas I want to create.

I designed the kitchen with Wren, they offer a great service and you can have a virtual tour of your kitchen once it is designed, which is really cool. The cupboard doors are Sea Foam in a matt finish, I bought the wooden worktop from Worktop Express who offer quality worktops at good prices and the kitchen fitters installed everything in a day and a half.

To save on budget I kept the original doors leading up to the second level, as they are visually appealing and look like an old pantry door. I sanded them down, repainted them and put the same agate hardware I had bought for the kitchen cupboards. A nice way to add visual intrigue to your kitchen is to have fun with your cupboard handles. Instead of going for something more traditional, opt for a design that sparks interest and adds texture to the design.

I love to add lots of small ambient lighting to a space as it highlights and draws the eye to certain areas within the room. I like the softness and the visual impact, especially when you use LED strip lighting, like I have here under the cabinets here. They are hardwired in and can be controlled by a remote control, so you can change the colour way depending on your mood.

My builder ordered the stable door from Sanderson Brothers a company based in Preston. Wren sent a sample of the cupboard doors to them and they matched the colour exactly. I got to choose the hardware from a selection they had on offer and within a couple of weeks my door was being delivered.

Restaurants and hotels are a great source of inspiration for me. I remember being in Ibiza and visiting a lovely quaint restaurant; as soon as I walked in I saw the mix of these stunning tiles and I knew I needed some. I loved the pigmentation and texture of them. I attended Decorex (a design show in London) a few weeks later and found the perfect supplier of Spanish tiles Bert and May. They had such an assortment of tiles all different shapes and colour combinations, with the perfect pigmentation. I ordered some samples which were quick to arrive and placed my order the following week. I use the samples as coasters for my kettle and bowl to store my eggs to tie the look together.

As I said I think I will always be adding interiors to the space. I am currently on the lookout for a butchers block island to use for food prep and I am in the process of designing some more bespoke lighting options.

I have loved every minute of designing this kitchen and dining room and I am secretly happy the process isn't over. If you liked this post and want to see more of The Pink House, please click the heart for me and next time I will show you round the second level, which has the master bedroom with a fireplace and bathroom with a slipper bath and double sink on it.

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