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The Pink House, is a quirky little home, completely different to Sixpenny, here is where my imagination is allowed to run wild and I can break all the rules.

Designing bespoke lighting, applying contrasting colours to the walls, floors and furnishings and just letting the old merge with the new. It is a fun little sanctuary that I am extremely proud of. It symbolises a lot of hard work not just on my part but my whole family.

When I moved into The Pink House just over ten years ago, it had lost all its old Victorian charm. The fire place and old radiators had been replaced with one of those metal electric fires, where the bars burn bright red. My gran used to have one in the back room which I used to all sit in front of after a bath.

My main goal was to bring back some of the old qualities and character the house was lacking. I reinstated the open fire and made it the main feature of the room. I am lucky to have a wonderful antiques yard where my parents live and was able to source an original oak fire surround for just £40 and the insert my father pulled out of a skip while working on another home renovation, for one of his clients.

The radiators are from a place in Canterbury called Bygone’s which has unfortunately closed down however there are other places such as Cast Iron Radiators you can purchase them from. I have used this company for my clients before and they are extremely good and can paint them whatever colour you like.

The accent wall the fire place sits on is painted in Teal Tension from Dulux, it was my intention to paint the whole room and ceiling this colour but never got round it. I think the yellow radiator will look amazing against the teal and by painting the ceiling the same colour as the walls it will make the room look larger.

I switched the old pale pink carpet our for real oak floorboards which my Dad and I hand stained and polished. To add warmth I found a lovely Moroccan wool rug from Home Sense, with a touch of pink of course to tie in the soft furnishings to the rest of the house.

The sofa, chairs and foot stool were purchased from in powder pink and are the Alderney range. My Mum who is extremely clever made my curtains and cushions. I really wanted to feel cosy in the evenings and just shut the world out when I got home from work, so I opted for the curtain to stretch across the full length of the wall to cover the window and front door. As this is an old house with the original windows still intact, the curtains help to keep the warmth in as they have been made with thermal lining. In time I would like to install shutters in there as well as the curtains, which will help keep the room warm.

As you know I am a big fan of art and love collecting unusual pieces for around my home. Before lockdown I had started sourcing old frames from charity shops so I could start a wall gallery up my stairs. I have several friends and connections who I would love to do some original pieces for me.

One artist I am particularly fond of is Linnwold, I have a lovely piece of art at Sixpenny of hers and decided to buy three beautiful prints for the lounge that I got framed locally, in a striking wooden yellow frame to match my radiator, which will also pop against the teal when I get round to painting the walls.

The lights are a mix and match of my own creation. I bought three single pink glass pendent lights for the corner of the room and attached them to one ceiling rose. I made a hanging lamp from an old bowler hat my parents gave me, as well as a table lamp from a camera. The ceiling light was made from a 5 pin ceiling rose, some yellow flex which I looped around some Anthropologie hooks and attached the diamond geometric light bulbs from Dowsing and Reynolds to them. I also love these light bulbs from Dunelm they are giving me all the Voronoi III vibes, so may switch those out for a change, as they are dimmable too. I purchased my neon sign from amazon which is currently unavailable unfortunately, but you could get it custom made from Neon Beach.

The shelf styling is a combination of items I have collected over the years, presents from family and friends, items I have picked up on my travels, all enhanced with bits I picked up from charity shops, Home Sense and craft fairs. Using items you already have around the home adds personality into your home and makes it special to you. That is why whenever I am styling a clients home I love to use a combination of old and new items. I talk about this in a previous blog post I wrote which you can find here, this explains how I approach shelf styling.

The drinks trolly I purchased back in Lancashire from an interiors shop, however I love this one from John lewis and once again collected item over time to place on it. The glasses, bottle opener and cocktail shaker are from Anthropologie, the bar set (this is a similar one) and dish are from John Lewis and the book I bought online years ago. I wrote a blog post about how to style your drinks trolly which can be found here if you want to know more.

The wooden pieces of furniture, have been handed down to me from my gran and grandad along with my parents. I painted the half moon table myself, as it was damaged from an oil burner many years ago, another reason to paint the walls that beautiful teal. I guess we know what I’ll be doing during lockdown along with my KLC course, which I start my second term next Monday.

Maybe now is the time to do those jobs around the house we have all been putting off, while lockdown number three is in full swing. I have a list as long as my arm to get through, so much to source and finish over the coming months, not just at The Pink House but Sixpenny too, such as painting my front door (pink of course), landscaping both gardens, designing a wall gallery, finishing off the spare room styling and sourcing art and so much more. So please do keep checking to what is new over here.

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