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The bedroom was the first room I designed when I bought the house back in 2009. The house needed a lot of work, so for the first 6 months I slept on a mattress on the floor, surrounded by boxes, no carpet and bare walls. Oh and the dust, I can taste, smell and feel it now. The wall used to come away in chunks as I peeled the wallpaper off the walls, leaving bare wood, mud and horse hair poking out; that's what they used to use in Victorian times as insulation.

I decided to change the layout of the room slightly, when I moved in. There were fitted wardrobes along the full length of the far wall. Upon taking those out we realised there was a chimney breast but no fire. So one Saturday I made the decision to take a sledge hammer to the wall and smash a hole through it. Now at this time in my life I was no home improvement expert, I had no idea that the house could have fallen down by smashing its walls down. I mean it seems pretty obvious now, but I was impatient and wanted everything done the second I had thought of the idea, without any concern for the consequences. Luckily for me it wasn't a disaster, the house didn't fall down and there was a fire hidden in the wall.

I've always loved a good reclamation yard. I would drive around the county looking for them at the weekend. I found the most amazing place in Canterbury called Bygones, however I don't think it is still trading now, which is such a shame. Bygones sold the most stunning reclaimed fire places. Their Victorian cast iron radiators, which is where I bought all mine, were stunning. They also sold old doors and much more. It was an absolute treasure trove and I loved going there sad as it may seem. I found the perfect little Victorian rusty fire surround and insert, which they restored for me. It now proudly sits in the bedroom along with the smoky blue cast iron radiator which weighs a ton. They could paint them any colour you wanted and I knew I wanted it to match the smoky blue feature wall I had planned.

I decided to move the wall back to gain access to the space under the stairs, to create a little vanity area. It was originally in the room opposite but as I was turning this into a bathroom I decided the space was more valuable in the bedroom. If you haven't had chance to check the tour of the bathroom, out it's here.

Once again I went salvage hunting for my dressing table, to a cute little antiques shop, along the A20 in Kent. It was the exact size I wanted for the space and matched the wood of my grandad's chair perfectly.

I was so lucky with the furniture for this room for a number of reasons - several pieces came from my gran and grandad's house which I love, such as my bedside table, the two pink chairs which I had reupholstered and the small display table that I use for the dvd player and virgin box. The bed was a bargain from Alders, the same place I bought the chandelier for this room and the bathroom. I went on the day they were closing down, I bought it from the shop floor, so ex-display at a third of the cost it should have been.

Finally the mirror, this has to be my best find yet. I was on my lunch break at a previous job and used to go to a small town with a nice row of shops, not far from the office. I came across a lovely little boutique shop that sold clothes, furniture and art. I saw the mirror from outside and popped in to check it out. I ask the wonderful owner how much the mirror was and she informed me she wanted to change the shop round and get rid of some stock and gave it to be for £50. I couldn't believe it. I paid for it there and then, without any plan of how I was going to get it home to even if it would go up the stairs. So I went after work that day. Luckily I had a convertible, so I took the roof down, popped it in the back of the car and away I went, with a 6ft mirror sticking up out the back of my car. It was a bit of an ordeal getting it up the stairs and I had to remove a panel at the bottom of the stairs above the doors to get it up to the bedroom, but we did it and I am so pleased we did. I think it has great visual impact in the room and makes it look so much larger too.

The bedding box used to be in my bedroom at my parents home and I really wanted one, so they kindly allowed me to take it with me. I love it and keep all my bedding in it, which is great as The Pink House doesn't have a lot of storage and the airing cupboard is full of towels and epsom salts. I purchased the rug from Anna Poulsen in Tunbridge wells.

I am still on the lookout for some pink heavy weighted velvet curtains that puddle on the floor. I will update you as and when I find some. In the mean time if anyone knows of any or soft furnishing suppliers please do let me know in the comments below or message me here.

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