The Ultimate Guide to a Happy Home

I thought I would start this blog post with some unsolicited advice! In order to feel in control of your life you have to start at home. Due to current circumstances we are all spending the majority of our time at home and reflecting more on what we love about our environment and more annoyingly what we don’t.

What we want to create is an environment that is peaceful, that gives you energy when you need it and aids relaxation when you crave it.

The idea isn’t to go out and spend a fortune on revamping the whole house so we feel overwhelmed, it is about working with what you have and making sure you have a system in place that makes your day to day living less stressful.

1. First things first you have to declutter! I’m not saying you have to pull everything out all at once, into a large pile on the floor so ten minutes later you are stressed and reaching for the gin bottle. Take a draw and a cupboard at a time and go at your own pace but you must go through everything. I like to do the whole the house so I start with a blank canvas but if you feel this is too much just start with one room at a time. Start from the top and work your way down to the front door.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes you or what system you use as long as you have nothing in your house at the end of the process that doesn’t serve you or make you feel good. I appreciated that some items you may need to keep until you buy a new one but as you sort through the items you are getting rid of or giving to charity make a note of what needs replacing.

2. Finding a home for everything. Once the house is empty only joking!! Once the house has only items that you love or serve a purpose and ideally this should be both, I want you to find a home for everything that is left. When I do a consultation with my clients I am super nosy, I want to know everything about them. I want to know what they do as soon as they walk through their front door, from hanging their coat, taking their shoes off, to where they put their keys - I mean everything.

Walk through your daily routine in your home and work out what you use on a daily basis and where it currently lives. Ask yourself is this the most convenient place for this item to be for example. While making a cup of tea or coffee - is the cupboard you keep your tea, coffee, sugar, cup above the sideboard you keep your kettle on and next to the fridge where you milk is? If the answer is no then my suggestion would be to move the items you require to make yourself a hot drink and the kettle nearer to each other. That way you are wasting less energy walking miles round your kitchen for items that can easily be placed in a more convenient place.

The same goes for any items you have around the house such as pans; are they near the cooker along with your cooking oils and utensils. Is there a box in your lounge to store your remote controls next to your tv or where you sit and finally do you put your bag, keys, wallet etc in the same place overnight when you get home so you know exactly where they will be when you next require them.

3. Make your home sparkle and cleanse! Now everything has its place and you have worked out how you use your home, it’s now time to make it sparkle. Give your house a full spring clean from top to bottom and every corner. Once the house is clean, I like to do a cleansing ritual using a sage smudging stick. Sage not only removes negative energy but also purifies the air and removes bacteria from it. Check out my guide on smudging rituals here!

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