The Ultimate Starting Point for Designing Your Dream Home

Being at home has everyone wanting to spring clean and refresh our homes. How we feel about the environments in which we spend our time has a massive impact on our wellbeing. Feeling that our home life is chaotic and in disarray doesn’t create a good sense of wellbeing and affects our day to day lives. So to help tackle our homes and improve our sense of wellbeing, something I am extremely passionate about, I am in the process of designing a Masterclass, to teach you lovely people how best to approach the design process with our wellbeing in mind. As a sneak peek I thought I would share how you can get started with the design process and give you some techniques in visualising your dream, calm and uplifting home.

I start from the heart and I dream big! I start searching the internet, books, magazines and TV shows. I snap pictures of my TV screen, save, screen shot and pull images down from Pinterest and Instagram, anything that catches my eye or inspires me is saved.

Creating a mood board is always the first port of call. The importance of creating something visual you can review gives you a clear understanding and vision of your style guide. It shows you quite clearly and quickly without investing too much time, what you like and don’t like. It shows you exactly what colour schemes appeal to you and is a great way to collate all your ideas in one place, easy to access and review.

  • paint and wallpaper

  • soft furnishings

  • lighting

  • flooring

  • artwork

  • florals

  • window furnishing

  • accessories such as books, trays, candles etc

Once you have a good collection you should start to see a theme, that might be something to do with colour or style such as old english country, The Hamptons, or earthy tones with a quirky twist.

The next step is to see how the images resonate with your emotions. When I first engage with a client I send them a design briefing questionnaire, it has lots of questions about how their home makes them feel right now and how would they like to feel moving forwards. I get really personal and then when we have our consultation I deep dive some more. I really want them to visualise the space we are creating together, it is such a powerful tool. I want to know how they want to use it, who’s lifestyle they admire all inhibitions go out of the window.

At this stage discard any items that you cannot visualise being part of that dream and that doesn’t spark a positive emotion. The mind can manifest and create the life we want with mediation, positive affirmations, training our subconscious thought patterns and of course visualisation, but more about that in another post.

Make sure you have enough images that cover all the items I listed above. It is important when designing a home that you add layers and texture to your interiors. Naturally there should be a pattern that starts to form and the next steps is to interrupt that pattern which I will go through on next weeks blog. For now I just want you to spend some time collating images, samples and ideas and save them all together. Once you feel you have enough inspiration print the images out that you love the most and start layering them on top of each other to see how they look and how they make you feel. Now when pulling the items together try to limited the colour pallet to no more than three colours, you can have different shades of the colour but no more than three.

Remember you don’t have to get it right the first time, style grows and changes with time that’s the fun in it. Dream big and feel inspired.

I’d love to see the mood boards you create, so please post them to instagram with the hashtag #rmrlmoodboards.

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