Treehouse Adventures and Interiors At Chewton Glen

So for those of you that follow me on Instagram, you will know I spent my birthday at Chewton Glen a couple of weekends ago. It holds a dear place in my heart, as it is where the Mr I have been going since we first met.

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It was formally family owned before being sold to private owners who I believe used to stay there with their family.

There are 72 suites in total, 14 of which are treehouses, which is where the Mr and I stayed. The treehouses are amazing and I would highly recommend them, suspended over 10 metres above ground level. With a stunning terrace across the full length of your room containing lots of seating and a fabulous hot tub over looking the trees.

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Chewton Glen is on the Solent coastline and on the edge of the New Forrest National park. So if walking is your thing no matter how far you want to go you will not be disappointed.

We have been really lucky to have stayed in the treehouse a few times now and it feels like home when we get there. We have also stayed in one of the main house suites with a walled garden and hot tub which is also extremely lovely.

I think if I were to chose I would say the treehouses are my favourite, but only because I love the view and how quiet it is and it adds something different to your stay. You don't feel like you are in a hotel but get all the perks of room service, champagne delivery and amazing food and of course the stunning views.

The interiors of Chewton Glen are stunning no matter what room you are in. The treehouses have a slightly more modern luxury cabin feel, whereas the rooms in the main house are more fresh country estate vibes. The rooms we have stayed in have been extremely spacious with a generous seating area indoors too.

Upon arrival they ask you to park your car in the car park yourself as due to covid 19 they are not valet parking any cars. Checkin was quick and simple and an electric vehicle that looks like a pimped up golf cart drives you to your room, if you are staying at the treehouses. They will pick you up and drop you off at the main house, spa or The Kitchen restaurant if you call them. They will assist you with your bags if you require it otherwise they ask if you are ok to handle your luggage. That way less people are touching your items as they like to keep your room your own little bubble if you want it that way. You can also chose if you do or don't want house keeping to clean your room or do a turn down service. So if you did want to be in your own little bubble with limited to no interaction with other people, that is possible at the hotel. They will leave you food at the door of your room or in our case through a little hatch which is accessed from the little kitchen they provide in your treehouse.

We settled into our treehouse with a half bottle of Veuve Clicquot they give in your room on the terrace. Having booked an early dinner at The Kitchen restaurant & cookery school, which is run by James Martin, we booked our collection and headed out. I had the most amazing meal starting with 6 oysters, followed by half a lobster and a tomato salad. As it was my birthday, we got a free chocolate dessert, which was just lovely for the two of us to share, all washed down with a light bottle of Pinot. Which we took back to the room to finish off in the hot tub.

Monday was my birthday and the weather in the morning to be honest was shocking. Even so we personally like to go up to the main house as we love a nice breakfast and tend to make the most of them while we are away. You can have a hamper delivered to your room with pastries, fruit, cheese, bread and fruit juices etc if you chose to take a more leisurely start to your day. I opted as did the Mr for the full works along with a fruit bowl and some yogurt.

After breakfast we braved the weather and put on our Barbour jackets and boots and headed out to Highcliff beach for a walk, which is only 15 minutes away. We watched people surfing, wakeboarding and kite surfing while the wind rattled around our ears. It was lovely to get some cool fresh air, but we were glad we didn't have to walk too far. We returned to our treehouse, packed a bag and made our way up to the spa. You are supposed to get your costume on in your room and use the dressing gowns they provide. Unless you are staying in the treehouses as you need to walk outside. We sat in the spa cafe and enjoyed a berry smoothie and cup of tea, overlooking grounds, before heading into the newly refurbished swimming and hydro therapy pools.

Chewton Glen have recently refurbished the spa, which if I am being honest was over due. Not because it wasn't clean or looked after but it didn't feel in keeping with the rest of the hotel. It used to look like Ancient Greece, with blue cloudy skies painted on the ceilings and columns painted on the walls. Now everything feels fresh and modern with white walls and ceilings and white large floral 3D sculptured art pieces built into the wall. It truly is stunning and I love the teal they have used on the sun loungers to add visual intrigue. Similar to what I have done with my blue sofas in the lounge at home.

We spent an hour in the hydro pools and laying on the heated tiled beds, which I now want for the pool at Sixpenny. Then headed back up to the cafe bar for another tea and salmon sandwich.

Returning to our room I finally got to open a couple of birthday presents. The Mr likes to prolong the opening of presents to make the day more fun. We do this at Christmas as well, we don't open our presents until after dinner which is usually around 4pm. The Mr did amazingly, I felt so lucky to have my own little piece of Dior with matching book tote and slides, from the around the world collection.

After opening my cards and a couple of presents we opted for the hot tub where we enjoyed a full bottle of Veuve Clicquot this time; well it is my birthday after all. We chatted and made plans for our next UK great escape. The sun even came out which made it even more glorious, before heading inside for a bath before dinner at 8pm.

The bathroom is so spacious with double sinks which you know I love, separate walk in shower and a large bath strategically placed in front of the windows so you can relax while taking in the stunning view of the trees. we headed up to dinner at 7:30m for a pre dinner drink in the bar, which is very bougie. Deep dark red walls and soft furnishings with purple accessories.

For dinner we opted to sit in the garden room which has lovely views over the garden. We had cheese soufflé to start and I had venison for my main course.

We headed back to our treehouse where I opened the remainder of my presents which the Mr had laid out all lovely for me and headed to bed.

The next morning we sat in the hot tub enjoying a cup of tea and watched the sun come up over the trees. Packed, headed to breakfast and took a lovely walk round the kitchen gardens, which are saved on my instagram highlights here.

After breakfast we took a walk through the garden and out to the cliff tops before heading off to our next hotel The Pig. Which I will tell you all about in next weeks post.

Chewton Glen is a stunning hotel with everything you could wish for a romanic or family break. It has a 9 hole golf course, croquet lawn, indoor and outdoor pools plus a new beautifully refurbished spa. If you are looking for the perfect staycation Chewton Glen would definitely be on my list.

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