Wild Horses, Country Kitchens and Walled Gardens at The Pig Hotel

Leaving Chewton Glen soon after lunch, we headed off deeper into the New Forrest, to The Pig Hotel, for our final night's stay on our mini staycation. Last time we went to Chewton we stopped off on the way home at The Pig for a drink. The food looked amazing and the staff were extremely pleasant. So I decided right then and there, that next time we stayed at the New Forrest we would spend a night there.

The drive from one hotel to the next is so lovely, the landscape opens up and wild horses roam free on the vast open landscape, blocking the roads so you can get a really good close up.

The pretty villages you drive through and stone houses you pass along the way, give you plenty to look at. The journey takes about 30 minutes, 20 if you don't get held up by the horses.

I think we are so lucky in the UK to have such wonderful old houses, that have been transformed into beautiful retreats we can stay in. There is nothing more I enjoy than being able to stay and explore an old country estate, with a walled kitchen garden and The Pig certainly has those boxes ticked.

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As you come up the gravel drive you can see the house in the distance, it is so idyllic. With a cascading lawn to the left set out with lovely tables and parasols and a double garden swing under a big oak. Definitely purchasing one of those parasols for The Pink House, now I have painted my table blue.

There is no set style to the interiors just an eclectic mix of mismatched furniture that work in harmony together. They mix leather with velvet, wooden trunks with antique metal tables and chairs in all shapes, shades and sizes. The restaurant is separated into three rooms all feeling spacious yet cosy at the same time. The mix of brightly patterned clay tiles work perfectly together to give that country farmhouse feel.

The restaurant is filled with wonderful greenery and floral displays in terracotta and stone pots.

We settled into the bar upon arriving for a couple of local gin and tonics, recommended by the really friendly bar staff. The bar is a magnificent piece of furniture carved beautifully and I love how they have used glass shelving in the window to display an array of glassware in all colours, shapes and sizes. The light shines through the glasses which brings something extra special to the ambiance of the room.

After our drinks, I changed out of my wedges into my flats and headed off to the walled garden to explore. It is amazing how much produce they grow and use on a daily basis in the restuarnt. The hotel group have a policy to source all produce for the restaurant, within a 25 mile radius of the hotel, which I think is wonderful. They have a lovely courtyard at the back of the hotel with an open fire place, a bar and pizza oven with tables and chairs. Perfect spot to catch some shade and feast on a sunny day.

They have the sweetest duck pond at the back of the gardens, with a wooden walkway and bridge, which leads to a little hut where they do spa treatment. I didn't book one as they were only just reopening when we went, but I will certainly book one next time we visit.

After our walk, we headed back to the bar to try a different local gin and tonic and to taste their famous saddleback crackling and apple sauce, before getting our keys to the room.

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Our room was in the main house overlooking the terrace and front lawns. We had a little snooze for an hour, then got ready for dinner. We went down to the bar for pre dinner drinks and opted for the main dining room as the greenhouse at the front of the house was a little chilly.

I had fresh leek and potato soup to start which was delicious, followed by lamb steaks and greens. The food is wholesome and leaves you feeling good inside. It is not delicate in any way, just a good plate of amazing flavour and taste, everything on the menu is very British and I absolutely loved it. As I was having lamb and the Mr pork, we decided to get glasses of wine instead of a bottle. So I had a english sparkling wine with my soup and a merlot with my lamb. There was no night cap for us, we headed straight to bed for a good night's sleep which we had.

The next morning I took a lovely bath and went down for breakfast at 8:30am. We had to pre book a time for breakfast, although I am not entirely sure why. When we booked they asked us to reserve a time due to covid, however we sat out on the lawn which was beautiful under a parasol. Maybe it is so they can manage the kitchen better, I'm not sure. It didn't bother us though as 8:30am was perfect.

We enjoyed a long leisurely breakfast, talking over what we had done the last few days, drinking tea in the sunshine. After breakfast we took one last walk around the house and gardens and headed back to the room to pack and head home.

I had the most fabulous birthday and felt well rested. We will definitely be making more plans to visit English country houses very soon. If anyone has any recommendation for me, please do share them. Next Stop Beaverbrook for a Japanese lunch.

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